FD-IV Electric gynecological hydraulic operating Table

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FD-IV Electric gynecological hydraulic operating Table Introduction:

Electric Table gynecologic surgical for maternity and use a variety of gynecological surgical medical apparatus and instruments, before and after the surgical table mesa, left and right sides, lifting up and down and back to fold up and down all by electric putter, button operation, safe and reliable. The table by the main table and table leg table in two parts, the table body by the oil pump of hydraulic adjustment, leg panels are removable as well as outreach, convenient adjustment, is made from double deck plate with high strength through plate, can be ray diagnosis at the time of surgical

FD-IV Electric gynecological operating hydraulic table USES the attention matters:

1,Click on the power grab switch on the controller panel to enter the preparation stage.

2,Correctly start and release the base brake, the brake pads next to the lower base, and move to the fixed bar. In order to set up the operating table with the central mechanical brake.

3,The hand should be hung on the side rail of the operating table. Its circuit should avoid face, press, and prevent the circuit from bad.

4,Do not place heavy objects on the power cord or push the cart over the power cord.

5,Do not let the patient sit on the head plate of the operating table, the hand valence plate or the leg plate, heavy weight can cause the fittings to bend the report bad. The headboard and the longboard are the maximum of 40kg. When two legs apart more than 45 ° can load only 20 kg. The operating table should bear no more than 150kg.

6,Do not place items, accessories or weights on the outer cover of the base of the operating table.

7,The cleaning and disinfection of the operating table and accessories. Use the weak glass with surface active tree and phosphoric salt to clean up the operating table and accessories. The operating table disinfection should be used surface disinfectant containing b, tsuen wan, limiting dilution table, can’t use, scratching, containing compounds and mixtures containing b drunk, so as to avoid corrosion of metal surfaces. Do not use cleaner and water to spray or rinse the base to prevent the electrical control system from being short-circuited and the parts rust or fail.

8,Do not operate oil pressure motor for more than 5 minutes continuously to avoid failure.

FD-IV Electric gynecological operating hydraulic table technical requirements:

The electric operating table mostly USES hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic spring cylinder. The base of the platform is designed with Y shape to ensure the highest stability and the most free space in the operating table, so that the medical staff are close to the operation. Table should have very good mobility, adopts the design of four-wheel landing on mobile and convenient, and has the central mechanical brakes, castor by foot pole central locking or loosen. Its bearings are sealed and waterproof, and the water, blood, and stitches in the operation will never be wound around the bearing. The head tilting and the right side of the head are easy to press the handle of the head to get the position of the need. Plate and the back legs joint with gas spring cylinder supporting structure, to make various regulation gentle, quiet, no vibration, effectively protect the joint structure at the same time, prevent the patient from the dumping. According to the individual characteristics of the Chinese people, the standards for medical devices industry of our country stipulates: surgical table 2 m long, 0.48 m wide, before and after the mesa Angle of not less than 25 °, left and right Angle of not less than 20 °, first floor Angle is not less than 30 °, the Angle is not less than 45 °, the back face Angle is not less than 80 °, the back and seat on the board face Angle Angle is not greater than 90 °, the Angle is not greater than 160 °, his spine Angle under surface is not less than 90 °, waist elevated bridge is not less than 0.12 m. At the same time, the industry standard also requires: operating table panel structure, product to the legs legs panel can turn to the two lateral, in the same plane rotation Angle between two leg panel inside after not less than 180 ° mesa, all adjustment adopts stepless change type.

FD-4 Electric gynecological operating Table logistics:



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