FY-3001 Side operating universal table

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FY-3001 Side operating universal table instructions:

FY-3001 Side operation universal table for the hospital operating room for the head, neck, thoracic cavity, perineal limbs and other surgical and gynecology, five government department, orthopedic surgery. Use oil pump lift, the adjustment of the necessary position of the operation is on both sides of the mesa. The operating table is used for thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, otolaryngology, gynecology, urology and orthopaedic. The operating table rises and falls to the pedal oil pump. The rest of the action is maneuvering on the side of the machine.

FY-3001 Side operating universal table technical parameters: 

1,The length and width of the mesa: 2,100 by 480mm

2,Top and lowest height: 1045mm by 800mm

3. Before and after the mesa tilt Angle: largest forward 35 ° or 22 ° or higher

4. Mesa tilt Angle: largest left 22 ° or right-leaning acuity 22 °

5,Oil cylinder travel: 240mm

6. Head plate, can be folded up and down 90 ° elongation or unloaded

7. The back: fold acuity on 22 or fold under 75 °

8,Waist plate: can rise to be greater than 120mm

9. The leg board: folding acuity under 90 °

FY-3001 Side operating universal table logistics:


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