FD-II Electric ophthalmology operating Table

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FD-II Electric ophthalmology operating Table instructions:

FD-II Electric ophthalmology operating Table is meant for use by ophthalmic diagnosis surgery table, the FD – II for electric lift head, head is equipped with multi-function hand holder frame, operation support for doctors wrist, arm, in order to reduce the doctor’s fatigue. This product use convenient and flexible, low noise, stable performance, safe and reliable, and USES controlled and aerial double control mode of operation, for you to create a quiet and comfortable, casual working environment, is the current domestic advanced ophthalmic operating table

FD-II Electric ophthalmology operating Table:

Model FD-II
Length 2000mm
Width 520mm
Adjuestable range of height 550~800mm
Head board height adjustable 0~180mm

FD-II Electric ophthalmology operating table components:

Headboard: the pneumatic auxiliary device is easy to operate with the head plate.

Bed board: special compound material bed board, the x-line through rate is high, evenness is good, satisfy the film requirement of the film.

Mattess: once formed mattress, adopt international popular material, streamline appearance.

Line control manipulator: the shape design is fluent, accord with human body engineering, hold comfortable, integrate all control function. Logical self-locking function, prevent the operation of wrong operation.

Bed: special waterproof seal structure design, high quality stainless steel material, anti-fouling and rust prevention, guarantee the best sterilization requirement and anti-collision requirement.

Electric brake: can adjust according to the ground condition, lock, the bed stage does not appear the change of position, ensure the bed platform is firm and safe in the operation.

Standard size stainless steel side rail: can be fitted with various accessories.

Split-type foot plate: removable and disassembled, suitable for obstetrics and urology.

Base: thin base design, the hidden casters, not only ensure enough contact with the ground, to ensure that the operating table, but also can maximize the C – arm filming in surgical.

The bed side shifts: the package moves the translation function, let the perspective film in the operation have no dead Angle.

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