FD-III Electric ENT operating Table

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FD-III  Electric ENT operating Table:

Electric ent operation table adopts dc motor, electric mechanical transmission structure, completely voltage operation, the high quality stainless steel material, beautiful and durable, low noise, stable performance, reliable and durable. The popularity of the five official doctors. Head equipped with hand holder frame (height adjustable), provide operation support to the doctor in the operating room with disinfection cloth racks, enable patients to normal breathing, hand removable device, for doctors to provide more convenient

FD-III Electric ENT operating Table Detailed parameters:

Model FD-III
Length 1950mm
Width 600mm
Adjuestable range of height 550~800mm
Back section raised from the horizontal ≥ 65 °
Reversed Trendelenburg/Trendelenburg +30°/30

The characteristics of FD-III Electric ENT operating Table:

Electric features table apply to each part of the facial features FD-III Electric ENT operating Table, its main function is to adjust the operation position, make surgery can go smoothly, accord with human body anatomy characteristics and the form of medical care needs.

The ergonomic design can effectively reduce the labor intensity of the medical staff.

Beautiful outside design, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, high surface cleanliness. Mainly made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, the bed board consists of high-strength electric wood, which can be anti-fouling and anti-acid base, and good X-ray penetrability.

Intelligence, mainly controlled by computer system, can control all positions in single key.

4. Through a variety of parts and components, extend the equipment function, surgery, ophthalmology, can apply, gynecology, urology, anorectal plastic surgery and otolaryngology and other departments.

The type is increasing, including the built-in waist-bridge, five-section offset, c-arm catheter and so on. Convenient and safe. The function is complete. High control precision and long service life.

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