FG-13 stainless steel hand-washing basin with sensor

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FG-13 stainless steel hand-washing basin with sensor Use:

Sink is special equipment for medical workers to wash their hands operation, using the human body induction automatic feed water, so the need for researchers to touch, to ensure clean, flow 500 l/h, mute splash, equipped with lights and induction soap liquid device, the standard model for the sink, four USES 0.1 mu m ultrafiltration membrane, can be toxic to bacteria filter out entirely, using double column ultrafiltration components at the same time, with recoil technology, can use for a long time. Manufactured advanced medical washing hand pool, the whole adopt stainless steel SUS304 stainless steel manufacturing, the appearance is beautiful, durable.

FG-13 stainless steel hand-washing basin with sensor instructions:


1,Automatic induction of water supply to prevent the contact of the hands of health workers and prevent the cross-infection of hand washing.

2. Equipped with 40-50 l water heaters and constant temperature water supply equipment, water temperature can be used according to the customer’s habits 20 °, 75 ° set freely.

3,The sink is well polished and polished. The non-dead Angle, easy to clean and sterilize, effectively prevent the bacteria from breeding.

4,The complete equipment is perfect, equipped with automatic soap lamp and anti-mist dressing mirror auxiliary equipment, so that wash hands to enjoy.

5,According to the customer’s requirement, the production system is not standard.

FG-13 stainless steel hand-washing basin with sensor logistics:


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