FG-38-1 Rotary medicine shelf

Short Description:

  • power: Low power consumption
  • heat dissipation: Small heat dissipation
  • Color temperature: Close to natural light
  • Radiation: Low radiation
  • Healthy: No damage to the patient
  • Life: 60000h
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    FG-38-1 Rotary medicine shelf Use:

    It is a kind of office furniture that place office supplies, experimental appliance, medical device and so on, the product is mostly stainless steel structure, a small number is the general body glass cabinet. The built-in instrument cabinet is beautiful, generous and convenient to use

    FG-38-1 Rotary medicine shelf instructions:


    The cabinet USES SUS304 to import stainless steel decorative plate, easy to clean

    Double open approach, with 120 ° to open the door hinge and casing tightly

    Door frame edge USES special aluminium alloy casing, close and beautiful

    Design the lining of the inner layer according to different application design

    The special circular arc is combined with the wall board closely, not the dust

    According to the requirement, it can be equipped with the cabinet lock and glass lock

    FG-38-1 Rotary medicine shelf logistics:


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