FG-39 stainless steel medicine cabinet

Short Description:

  • power: Low power consumption
  • heat dissipation: Small heat dissipation
  • Color temperature: Close to natural light
  • Radiation: Low radiation
  • Healthy: No damage to the patient
  • Life: 60000h
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    FG-39 stainless steel medicine cabinet Use:

    Adopt high quality stainless steel, chromium content (17.00 19.00) % % nickel content (8.00 10.00), with excellent corrosion and corrosion resistance, heat resistance, with close to mirror brightness, products through shear, punching, bending processing, the surface is bright and clean smooth, environmental non-toxic, no smell. AutoCAD aided design, reasonable structure, precise positioning, convenient opening door.

    FG-39 stainless steel medicine cabinet instructions:


    1,Adopt high quality stainless steel plate to weld, the surface is smooth, beautiful and generous.

    2,The quality car environmental protection tape is 8MM thick glass, strong, beautiful.

    3, the inside 5 partition can place the instrument pack, the partition board below is reinforced.

    4,There is a lock on the door of the cupboard. Safe and convenient sterile equipment management

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