FG-30 stainless steel medicine cabinet

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FG-30 stainless steel medicine cabinet Use:

A steel medicine cabinet:

1.Cabinet (top board, bottom board, side plate, back plate) : adopt 1.0 mm thick steel grade cold rolled galvanized steel plate, with the coating treatment, acid and alkali corrosion.

2. The door plank of cabinet put oneself in another’s position: bo iron or complete bo door, on the outer frame adopts double 1.0 mm thick of masteel cold rolled galvanized steel, the EPOXY coating processing, embedded box 5.0 thick glass.

Laminate: single layer 1.0 mm thick ma steel first class cold rolled galvanized steel sheet made, through the coating process.

FG-30 stainless steel medicine cabinet instructions:


Hardware accessories:

Handle: a PVC embedded handle.

Hinges: 115 degrees DTC.

Layer plate pin: 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate is moulded by CNC punching machine.

FG-30 stainless steel medicine cabinet logistics:


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