FY-6 hydraulic operating table

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FY-6 hydraulic operating table instructions:

1,The mattress USES memory sponge, acid and alkali, high temperature, easy to clean,

2,Double mesa, which can be examined during operation The push-plate can 

3,be 180 degrees, 90 degrees and disassembled Before and after 

4, castor, wounds, and leans forward, back turning around all adopt linear motor (suitable for dry cleaning operation room pollution-free), flexible operation

5,The accessories, guides, column covers, and base covers are stainless steel

6,The surface of mesa is shifted vertically, adopt the import orbit, the translation stroke is greater than equal to 350mm, suitable for the type C arm, orthopedic operation

7,the operating table is equipped with a battery and automatic charging device to ensure the operation of emergency power failure

FY-6 hydraulic operating table Technical parameters:

Model FY-6
Length 1960mm
Width 480mm
Adjuestable range of height 690>930>mm
Reversed Trendelenburg/Trendelenburg +20>20
Later Tilt(left/right +18°/18
Head rest(up/down) +45/-50>°
Back Plate(up/down) +75
Leg board floding downward/outward angle 90
Longitudinal Sliding 80mm
Kidney bridge elevation 300mm
Power supply 220V,50Hz/110v,60H
Double control system Hand remote controler,                    Control panel side of column

FY-6 hydraulic operating table instructions use:

1. The product is in addition to domestic original table of all functions, main features: the whole table can be carried out before and after, the longitudinal mobile, realize the C arm X-ray machine a wider perspective The operating table is a world leader in orthopaedic surgery, thoracic surgery, gastrosurgery and urology. Stable performance. Power system adopts safety voltage motor, low noise, equal price performance.Four-stage bed panel, the size of the bed is ergonomically, and can easily adjust the various positions in the cervical spine, lumbar spine, spine, etc. The operating table is 

fully functional and performs well. It is an ideal surgical instrument

For various surgical procedures. The mesa is all made of acrylic plate, suitable for the X-ray machine of c-type arm.

Equipped with a miniature hand controller, it can manipulate the various preset movements of each segment by touch.

The legs can be folded, disassembled and removable, easy to adjust, convenient for urological surgery and the use of the orthopedic tractor The design of the center column is designed to maximize the stability of the machine, which is made of stainless steel and is beautiful and easy to wipe There are four foot wheels at the bottom of the operating bed. It is easy for the operation of the bed to move, and also the pedal brake function, which can make the bed stand firm.

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