PF-30 ICU ceiling mounted bridge

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PF-30 ICU ceiling mounted bridge advanced:

Unique and original humanized design concept: saves space, time, provides humane treatment platform for doctors.

High quality aluminum alloy material: never deformation, prevent “planar drift” phenomenon, assure not affect the normal operation of the medical staff.

Perfect technology: make sure the zero error of each product and the function of rust, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and easy cleaning.

Unique non-polar lift system: silent design without vibration, can satisfy the high adjustment of the requirement of continuous change of equipment position.

The rotation adopts double cone plane bearing, mechanical damping braking: the guarantee operation is smooth and easy, the brake doesn’t feel down.

Strong ability to handle: allow ample room for upgrade.

The tower is designed with streamlined design and no groove screw on the surface: guarantee clean sterilization without dead Angle, complete and guarantee laminar flow purification effect.

Tailor: 8. According to the different needs of customers and the actual situation of hospital, to the operating room and ICU work environment for the humanized design, meet the personalized needs of customers to the greatest extent. Rich product lines meet different levels of demand.

PF-30 ICU ceiling mounted bridge technical parameters:

Model PF-30
The Length of beam 2500-3200mm
With pneumatic brake  
Moblie rack 38mm boom
Cable tracheal folder  
2#Tray 690*400mm
2#Tray 690*400mm
Folder tubular extension arm  
Infusion adjustable height frame(stainless steel) 690*400mm
stainless steel basket  
Gas outlet-German Standard Customized  
Universal socket Customized  
Rotational support(maximum load 5kg)  
Cas plug  
To the level of mobile 400mm
Reading lamps  
Can be customized  

PF-30 ICU ceiling mounted bridge the environmental protection and energy-saving:

The humanized design concept of unique originality

Collect the family’s long, fully absorb the foreign advanced design idea. Minimize floor space and save space. Provide excellent working space for doctors, to provide patients with treatment of loose environment, to save the patient to create the best time of life, improve the success rate of rescue, creating significant social benefit and economic benefit for the hospital lay a good foundation.

Second, keep improving and let customers have no worries about their use

1, high quality aluminum alloy material, put an end to “plane drift” phenomenon using high quality aluminum alloy material, ensure the mechanical part of ten years of free maintenance, does not produce any maintenance. Unique aluminum alloy structure, ensure the boom is not deformation, put an end to the equipment of the “plane drift” phenomenon, must not affect the normal operation of equipment and normal operation of doctor.

Consummate process: all mould production, ensure the zero error of each product. The surface and the inner surface are sanded, phosphatized, then high-pressure electrostatic spraying, forming a smooth coating, which has anti-rust, anti-fouling, and easy to clean functions.

Ensure the low noise and no vibration during operation and elevation. It does not affect the patient’s rest and does not cause fatigue damage to medical equipment.

The rotation adopts mechanical damping braking: smooth and smooth, no noise, no noise, and the staff can operate easily.

5, strong bearing ability: reserve enough for the customer to add new equipment to upgrade space: adopt high strength aluminum alloy bearing structure layer board, more than 1200 kg of destructive testing, safety coefficient reached level 4, the actual load capacity of 300 kg. Easy load of any equipment such as anesthesia machine, laparoscopic, extracorporeal circulation machine, etc.

Three, seamless connection guarantee disinfectant no dead Angle, easy clean. The tower adopts streamline design to meet the requirements of wind speed and flow in the operating room, so as to ensure the full effect of laminar flow purification.

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