PF-30S ICU ceiling mounted bridge

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PF-30S ICU ceiling mounted bridge instructions:

Unique and original humanized design concept: saves space, time, provides humane treatment platform for doctors.

High quality aluminum alloy material: never deformation, prevent “planar drift” phenomenon, assure not affect the normal operation of the medical staff.

Perfect technology: make sure the zero error of each product and the function of rust, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and easy cleaning.

Unique non-polar lift system: silent design without vibration, can satisfy the high adjustment of the requirement of continuous change of equipment position.

The rotation adopts double cone plane bearing, mechanical damping braking: the guarantee operation is smooth and easy, the brake doesn’t feel down.

Strong ability to handle: allow ample room for upgrade.

The tower is designed with streamlined design and no groove screw on the surface: guarantee clean sterilization without dead Angle, complete and guarantee laminar flow purification effect.

Tailor: 8. According to the different needs of customers and the actual situation of hospital, to the operating room and ICU work environment for the humanized design, meet the personalized needs of customers to the greatest extent. Rich product lines meet different levels of demand.

PF-30S ICU ceiling mounted bridge Technical parameters:

Model PF-30S
The Length of beam 2500-3200mm
Manual translation 400mm
Moblie frame with air brakes 38mm steel tube
Funcctional column  
3#Tray 690*400mm
3#Tray(690*400mm)+drawer 690*400mm
Infusion adjustable height frame(stainless steel)  
stainless steel basket  
Gas outlet-German Standard Customized  
Universal socket Customized  
Network communication interface socket RJ45  
Reading lamps and light  
Feature column 400mm
Cable tracheal folder  
Cas plug  
Can be customized  

PF-30S ICU ceiling mounted bridge reliability and stability:

From German classic design, high strength aluminum alloy, modular combination. Whole sealing, streamline, surface oxidation spray treatment, never rust

All air source terminals and tower hosts are both purveaux and German

The gas outlet can be used by German famous brand, MEDICOP, which is reliable for 10 years.

Electric socket can be used in France famous brand — -roger long, the quality is reliable, the assurance USES 10 years.

Each rotating joint of the tower device is equipped with double brake: mechanical brake + pneumatic brake device to ensure that the tower equipment is accurate and safe and reliable.

Each rotating joint is made of German famous brand, SKF, which is reliable for five years.

Electric elevating motor USES the German famous brand

Equipment pallet: high strength aluminum alloy whole drawing, with standard stainless steel rails

The tray is optional 450mmx400mmmx30mm. Adopt 10mm by 25mm international standard edge rail. The rounded corners are designed with a drawer and the tray can move up and down.

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