FC-35 stainles steel mayo trolley

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FC-35 stainles steel mayo trolley Use:

All stainless steel surgical lifting tray stand

Professional medical equipment company, three certificate of complete, quality assurance.

Horizontal bar: operation disc size: 45cmx35cm

Parallel bars: operating disc size: 60cmx40cm

Material: 430 # operating disk + 201 # pipe + 2 “silent wheel

FC-35 stainles steel mayo trolley instructions:

Parameters: 550*400*920/1350mm

The tray frame is made of 201 stainless steel tube and is polished and polished.

Environmental protection is harmless, no smell, the welding part adopts high standard welding, no burn, cold, leakage, etc., the surface is smooth and smooth.

The tray is cut by the 201 stainless steel plate, and the press and pressure welding is finished, and the tray car can be removed to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection.

The frame adopts lifting and lifting locking to facilitate the operation of paramedics.

Adopt single arm design, move agile and convenient

Use 75 mm Φ mute grey iron, moves quiet, no noise, quiet environment to optimize the operating room

FC-35 stainles steel mayo trolley logistics:


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