FB-1 3-functions electric nursing bed

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FB-1  3-functions electric nursing bed use instructions:

The head and tail function: the lifting function is more refined and diversified than the use of medical care. According to the human body engineering in bed frame set up five body segment joint point (that is, the human body bending point), by remote control, can adjust at Angle bedstead, adapt to the bending Angle of human body parts, free to adjust the body posture, reduce the pressure of neck, after sitting, lying or just lift your foot to promote blood circulation. 

2, double zone intelligent vibration massage: divide area massage, give the body corresponding department different massage experience, bring more scientific relaxation and comfortable. Back massage and leg massage, massage experience of different parts of the body, bring more scientific relaxation and comfort; Uniform force point and scientific vibration amplitude, can help the user quickly eliminate all fatigue feeling, get into the sleep condition more quickly. 

USB charging, bluetooth speaker, LED heating lamp: bed design double USB port, convenient mobile phone, tablet PC charge. The mobile phone connects the bed body with the bluetooth, can play the songs on the phone, video and any audio, feel the sound effect of stereo motion. The bottom of the bed is equipped with LED lights, light is gentle, remote intelligent control, convenient intelligence. 

Body design: double bed separation design, can satisfy two people’s different needs, independent control system, non-interference. Also, the bed can be used as a whole bed, which can be controlled when needed

FB-1  3-functions electric nursing bed Advantage:

ABS hanging head of a bed end of the bed board, easy loading and unloading with insurance pin, aluminum guardrail, but fold, use more security, control of pulley, higher stability and Danish safety voltage motor, air conditioner manual device.

FB-1  3-functions electric nursing bed logistics:


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